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Teaching by a professional working in Australia with > 93% overall success rate.

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Teaching all Australian guidelines for the AMC exam.

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Teaching with Clarity, Engagement and Adaptability as per the AMC exam need.

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Best Courses for Australian Medical Council Exam - MCQs & Clinical

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If you attend our theory or clinical courses, you will have the opportunity to pass the exam, which has a high pass rate of over 93% based on our previous two years' records.

We will also provide you with academic references that you can use when applying for jobs.

Our courses have achieved remarkable success by focusing solely on the essential knowledge required to excel in the AMC AT MCQ exam at length as per Australian standards. Drawing on my eight years of experience as a surgeon, we have been providing these courses for two years and possess the expertise needed to help you pass this exam. Our commitment to delivering top-tier teaching is unparalleled, and we take great satisfaction in offering the most outstanding courses for the AMC exam.

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About Us

We offer a range of courses, which entail:

1. Theory: essential to pass this AMC exam.
2. Mini Mock – subject-wise questions.
3. Core Concepts with Australian Guidelines
4. Mock tests.
5. Monthly core concept classes – one month/3 months/6 months/one year.

Our Theory courses are designed to empower you with a good understanding of the concepts, application of the concept, and the approach. It is a high-yield course, arranged subject-wise, and tailored to what you need to pass this exam. The pass percentage for our theory course is over 95%, indeed it is an eye-opener and an introduction to what you need to know for the exam.

The mini Mocks are designed to teach you the most common clusters in the exam and increase your chances of passing the exam 100 times. Similarly, the Crash Course is a quick revision course that explains only the important guidelines and concepts and has a high yield.

Our online course is the best course for AMC CAT MCQs preparation, with a pass percentage of more than 93% now. It covers extensive preparation and practice on attempting AMC MCQs of all subjects, complete revision of all relevant AMC clusters, subject-wise Mini-Mock Test, and Mock Test.

We have a complete set of 2022 and up-to-date 2023 core-concepts again with detailed explanations as recorded videos and the latest Australian guidelines. Likewise, if you are good in theory, then this high-yield core-concepts are worth attending with up to date guidelines and concepts and approach pivotal to pass the exam.

We provide you with a portal where all course material is uploaded for you to read and listen to before attending the Zoom classes. It is a one-window operation that provides you with everything you need to pass the exam, including extensive theory, guidelines, pathways, mini-mocks, extensive core concepts, all reading resources and books, MCQ pools, etc.

The theories and core concepts classes followed by mini-mocks are high-yield and advanced standards extensively prepared to cover all relevant concepts and guidelines essential to pass the exam. Our Mock exam is a must-do activity before your exam.

We are here to empower you to reach your full potential and succeed in your exams. Enroll early and start your journey towards success today!

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