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AMC4IMGs – Crash Theory + 6 months Recalls Course

80 CPD hours will be awarded at the end of the course

We offer a Theory and recalls crash course with many additional features. This is an eight-week crash course for those who need a quick push and their exams are approaching fast. You can finish in fewer days even.

This 40-hour theory course is a quick revision of all relevant guidelines essential to pass the exam, along with a complete revision of the last six months’ recalls before your exam. It will not only fill the gap in your knowledge but also enable you to connect the dots while answering any question. We made a concise review of all essential guidelines along with a necessary emphasis on important points and a complete explanation of the last two months’ recalls prior to your exam.

This is a must-course for everyone appearing in their exam in a month or two. Unfortunately, only recalls are not enough to pass the exam. Every class is subject-wise arranged with an exceptional concept grilling. Also, there is a bonus class on Imaging at the end.

Course features: 

– 24/7 online access to all course material, including class recordings, on a secure Portal.

24/7 access to a separate WhatsApp group for further discussion till your exam.

⁃ 80 CPD hours.

⁃ Flexible hours; you can listen to lectures anytime.

Course Fee – 1750 AUD + Tax (both theory + recalls with recordings)

2-4 instalment payments accepted

Please get in touch with me if you have any further questions.

WhatsApp/Telegram +61 452 240 180 –

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